Flag – It is a “signal” presented in the chart when a stock shows a narrow or small fluctuation that it knows as technical charting pattern or consolidation period. Also, flags are know was “pennant” formations because they tend to have similar formation, volume, and price range.… Read More

Trading Range   Trading Range – It is the spread between the high and the low within a period of time. Day traders use intraday high and low to come up with strategies to go long risking low of day or to short risking high of day. Also, day traders search for stocks with volume… Read More

Breakdowns   Breakdown – It is the confirmation pattern that a stock is in downtrend. Literately supports are being broken and the stock price is going lower.   STX, Seagate. Example of breakdown. It broke $43 and it kept testing $42, support. Despite many attempts to bounce off $42’s, the stock ended breaking that red… Read More