Market Makers Market Makers give lubrication(volatility) to the market. Market makers are broker firms that believe in the chance of holding a position to help exchange a stock. Market makers compete for day traders and investors to provide buying and selling quotes for a secured amount of shares. When the order is obtained from the buyer, market makers instantly… Read More

Bid, Ask, and Spread Bid The best way to describe bid is to think about how much a buyer is willing to pay for a stock. For instance if the bid price is $1.00, it simply means that the buyer wants to purchase a stock for this amount. Ask The Ask is essentially the price “asked”… Read More

Supply & Demand   Supply and Demand is what determines when stock prices will rise and fall. For instance, there are multiple catalysts  that will impact stock prices, whether they are up or down. Earnings, news, economy, etc. will also be possible factors.   The concept of supply and demand is to find a balance in the… Read More

L2 (Market Depth)   Level 2 (Market Depth) is a live quote tool provided by your software that gives you access to Nasdaq’s real-time order book. This holds the quotes (Bid/Ask) from all the market makers and routing orders (30+ routes). When comparing the L2 v.s the L1, the Level 2 provides more in depth details… Read More