A-E A Above the Market – A order to buy or sell a security for a specified higher price than the current market price. If the market does not reach the specific price order set at, the order will not be executed. Accrued Interest – The amount of interest earned between the present and previous time the last… Read More

F-J F Falling Three Methods – Continued bear pattern. Long red body on candlestick continued by three small candlestick body, each stay in range of the high/low of the first long red body. Day five comes around and closes at a new low. Falling Wedge -Pattern that starts broad at the top and curls up as price… Read More

K-O K Key Reversal Day – Chart pattern on the day  that a price clearly reverse current with the trend. Bear trend the prices low and close higher then past day closing price. Bull trend the price opens higher and closes lower then past day closing price. The heavier the volume the wider the price range… Read More

P-T P Paper Trade – Parabolic SAR – Pennant – Penny Stock – Percent Investment Advisors Bullish – Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) – Piercing Line – Pivot Point – Point & Figure Chart – Point and Figure Buy Signal – Point and Figure Price Objective – Point and Figure Sell Signal – Position Trading – Positive Directional Indicator (+DI) – Positive Reversal – Precious Metals Commodities Index ($GPX) – Presidential Cycle –… Read More

U-Z U Uptrend Line – Upside Gap Two Crows – Upside Tasuki Gap – Upthrust – US Dollar Index ($USD) – V Value Line Arithmetic Composite Average ($VLE) – Value Line Geometric Composite Average ($XVG) – Visual Analysis – Volatility -. Volatility (Implied) – Volatility Index ($VIX) – Volume – W Washout Day– Wedge – Weekly Reversal – Weighted Average – Whipsaw – Wilder, Welles – Williams %R – Wilshire 5000 Total Market… Read More