A Candlestick Chart (also known as a Japanese candlestick chart) is a style of financial charting used to pinpoint the data movements of a security, derivative, or currency. Each candlestick typically shows specific data (unlike line charts) depending on the setting of the chart. Every candle represents the price range for the exact time that data… Read More

Ticker Symbol – Identifies the stock through the abbreviation of a stock company. If you look out for economics on TV, you have probably seen the ticker tape hovering across the screen, announcing the latest prices next to the symbol. When looking for stock quotes, always when searching online make sure its by the ticker symbol. When uncertain of a… Read More

CandleStick Chart A Candlestick chart (can be known as Japanese candlestick chart) this style of economic chart specify in giving details in price movements of a security, subordinate, or currency. Every “candlestick” Normally displays details depending on settings of stock chart. Example: a one-day chart may show one-hour “candlesticks” trading day as 24 “candlesticks” representing the chart history. Bar Chart A bar chart is a… Read More

Volume and Price VOLUME – The frequently recorded number of shares that exchange traders a given day. Common volume of a security during a extended period of time is the total quantity traded in that period, divided by limit of the period. PRICE – Stock price is valued at price a traders willing to sell at highest price can be exchanged, or… Read More

  Technical analysis is for everyone – From personal investing day traders/investors to mutual funds and hedge funds. Technical analysis helps a large range of investors make crucial decisions in entering positions. Understanding technical analysis will help implement more educated investment decisions to help manage risk reward by identifying the best entries prices.The description of a… Read More